What is Envision High?


Envision High provides a full suite of college essay consulting services customized to your personal needs. We are here to help you gain admission to your first-choice college or university.

Essays are an integral aspect of every college application; a strong college essay can make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection from a top school. Unfortunately, for many students, college essays turn out to be the most difficult part of the college process. Instead of using their unique voices and perspectives to win over admissions officers, they write forgettable essays that fail to reflect their true potential. This puts even the most talented students at a significant disadvantage in college admissions.

In response to this need, numerous companies compete to provide college essay consulting services. However, most of these companies charge exorbitant prices for their work, sometimes totaling tens of thousands of dollars. And price is not always a guarantee of quality – students may end up with an average college essay even after paying top dollar for a consulting package.

Envision High offers an appealing alternative to this status quo. By specializing in college essay consulting and adopting an innovative operating model, we can provide the highest-quality application consulting services at an affordable price.

Our college essay consultants are active professional writers with multiple years of experience in the college admissions field. Throughout their careers, each consultant has sent numerous students to top universities, including the Ivy League. Along with experience, our consultants have a passion for helping you succeed: they are ready to work day and night to help you write excellent essays for each college application you submit.

Every day, Envision High works to break the barriers that discourage students from aiming for the highest college goals. Our promise to you: we will help you reach higher, dream bigger, and maximize your chances of acceptance at your chosen school.

-Frank Park, CEO & Founder of Envision High-

Reasonable Prices


Through specialization and innovative internal structuring, we can offer our services at reasonable prices.

1-to-1 Client-Consultant Relationship


You will work directly with a dedicated consultant throughout the essay process. Your consultant will be available by Skype and/or email for 1-on-1 assistance.


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our talented consultants and strict quality-control process ensure top-notch work. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your experience.

Strict Information Security


We we will ensure that all of your personal information is fully protected.

Why Envision High?

Frustrated with your college essays?

 The truth about college essays:


Writing a college essay, or sometimes even thinking about a topic, can turn into an immense frustration without an extensive training in advanced writing courses. Trying to fit everything about 18 years of your life in a mere 400 ~ 700 word limit paper can be challenging for even the greatest writers.

 Meet our essay consultation solutions:


Envision High offers three college essay consulting packages to fit your needs:

  • Complete Essay Package
  • Revision/Editing Package
  • Premium Package

With multiple years of experience, our elite consultants will be able to offer unique insights into how you can write compelling college essays.

Our solutions for you.

 Powerful Writing Analysis:


Our elite consultants will ask targeted questions to help you find a topic for your college essay, outline strong points and sub-points to include, and help you formulate a logical structure.


Engineer your bright future:


Through our dedication and experience, we can help you create powerful college essays that will captivate the admission officers’ mind. Let us, Envision High, engineer your bright future.


Achieve your dream.

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