Our College Essay/Admission Consultants

Envision High consultants hold diplomas from top schools and have multiple years of experience assisting students through the college admissions process. They have sent numerous students to top institutions, including Ivy League schools, for various undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D programs.

Additionally, a number of our college consultants have experiences working in colleges and universities in such positions as application reader in the admission office, writing tutor or program coordinator. They leverage the knowledge gained from these insider experiences to produce meaningful and powerful essays for our clients.

To meet one of our college consultants and learn about his/her qualifications and experience, simply schedule a free consultation.

Heather H. 콜롬비아 대학교, 석사 -저널리즘 켈리포니아 대학, 학사 -심리학, 수석 졸업 15 년의 전문 작가 및 편집자 경력 작문 교수 및 개인 작문 강사 San Diego Magazine (샌디애고 매거진) 편집자 Senior Writer at University of California, San Diego
Colleen L. 펜실베니아 대학교 (Univ. of Penn.) -심리학 박사학위 후보 노트르담 대학교 (Notre Dame) -MBA 경영 석사 학위 후보 펜실베니아 대학교 (U Penn) 교육 프로그램 조정자 Ed.S. and M.S., Florida State University, 석사 -카운셀링 및 인간 조직학 연구 논문 발표 Cheryl E. 미시간주립대 -역사 & 인문학, 학사 Conant 고등학교 - U.S. History & Government 선생님 메이져 텍스트북 출판사 에디터 경력 - McDougal Little, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill & Houghton Mifflin 10년 이상의 컨설팅 경력: 하버드, 예일, 브라운, 코넬, 콜롬비아, 유펜, 노스웨스턴, 보스턴컬리지, 등의 대학에 수많은 합격자 배출Jen B. N2 Publishing 출판사 전문 작가/에디터 수십개의 수상 출판작: If Chocolate Were Purple -Purple Dragonfly First Place winner -Honorable Mention, San Francisco Book Festival Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell -Dante Rossetti Awards, First Place Category -Honorable Mention, S. California Book Festival -Readers’ Favorite Five Star winner Movin’ On Up -Runner Up in America’s Next Author

Katie R.

B.A., University of Notre Dame

-English & Secondary Education

M.F.A. Warren Wilson College


Experienced teacher in various public & private schools

-English, Social Studies, & Spanish

Head of English Department

Jennie C.

B.A., New York University

-English & American Literature

M.A., Hunter College of CUNY (The City University of New York)

-Teacher Education Program

Teacher at various schools:

  • Stuyvesant High School
  • Seward Park High School

Teaching Certifications include:

  • New York State Permanent Certification (English)
  • New York City Public Schools Permanent License (English)
  • New Jersey Standard Certificate (English)

Editor at Vocabulary.com

Larry B.

New York University

-Marketing/Public Relations Certificate

B.A., Penn State University


M.A., Brooklyn College


M.A., Long Island University

-Creative Writing/Literature

15+ years teaching and tutoring experience

Freelance writer and blogger

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