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My UC Application Package

$ 700.00

  • My UC Application Essays (All UC will be counted as one school)
  • Extracurricular Activity List Help
  • Help with Application Fill-Up
  • Help with College Research
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the entire writing process, from initial brainstorming to shaping your essays to beyond excellence
  • Complimentary 1 to 1 Skype consultation with your dedicated Envision High consultant
  • College essay topic / idea generation
  • Joint crafting of your personalized college essays
  • Revision / editing service, including line-by-line edits for content, structure, and language
  • Feedback with specific suggestions for improving any issues identified
  • Unlimited email contact and Q&A with your consultant

*Please make sure you provide a valid email address when checking out. Our consultants will not be able to reach you if the provided information is invalid.

Please be sure that you have read and understood our key company policies before proceeding to purchase our service.

1) Self-Writing Policy

WE DO NOT/WILL NOT WRITE YOUR ESSAYS ON YOUR BEHALF. Not only is this considered cheating and unethical, it also leads directly to a WEAK essay content. Yes, the essays written by our consultants may sound professional. However, because your consultants have not lived YOUR life, it is impossible for them to appropriately portray your life in the essays.

Remember, college essay isn’t about being a professional writer. It is about expressing yourself to the fullest extent in the most creative way, and YOU are the only one who can truly achieve that. Our role is to make absolutely sure that you can express your ideas in the most creative and the most persuasive way possible.

2) Timeline Policy

We want to do an excellent job on your essays, so, depending on your personal situation, it may take 1-2 weeks to complete an essay with the Revision package and 2-3 weeks with the Complete Essay Package. However, we can also work much faster – it all depends on what you’re looking for and how quickly you respond to our requests for your input.

Be sure to discuss timing expectations with your consultant at the initial consultation so that we can accommodate your needs. Always let us know if you need an essay earlier than a university’s official deadline.

3) Specific Essay Requests Policy

Our goal is to accommodate all requests for your essay; however, we can only do so if you communicate them in the beginning of the process! So, if you want your essay to highlight particular points, follow a particular structure, or meet any other specifications, tell us right away!

For the Intensive Essay Care Program, your initial consultation is the perfect time to do this. For the Revision/Editing Package, send over requests along with your essay draft. We will generally not accommodate requests for major changes after this point, because this would essentially require our consultants to work on two essays for the price of one.

Remember, we take care to hire intelligent and talented consultants with years of experience in the industry. We know what will help you get that acceptance letter – and what will confuse or annoy admissions officers! We understand that, when you choose Envision High, you are trusting us with your future, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. And we’re happy to explain our decisions anytime – so if you’re not sure why we are advising a certain approach to your essay, just ask!

4) Multiple Essays Policy

If you are working on an application that requires multiple essays, we highly recommend that you purchase our services for all of the essays. Turning in one edited, high-quality essay and one unedited, lower-quality essay will hurt your chances of acceptance: admissions officers may assume you didn’t write the stronger essay yourself and automatically disqualify you.

If you only need comprehensive support for one essay, you can purchase the Intensive Essay Care Program for that essay and the Revision Package for the rest. This is an economical way to bring all of your essays to one consistent level of quality.

If you choose not to purchase our services for a particular essay, we cannot work with you on that essay. We cannot look at it, talk about it, or coordinate the content of your other essays with it. We will essentially assume it doesn’t exist.

5) Student Input Policy

The Intensive Essay Care Program combines our comprehensive editing / revision services with support in drafting your essay. We will get to know you and your needs, help you brainstorm ideas and create an essay outline, and explain exactly what your first draft needs to include. We’ll closely review and improve your drafts, point out where more information is necessary, etc. We will also answer any questions and provide guidance while you are working.

However, you will still need to dedicate time and effort to the writing process. Why? College essays are about you…but we don’t know you! We have no idea what your greatest achievements or biggest challenges are. We don’t know what you want to study and why. Your consultant will guide you, but you’ll need to answer their questions and provide the content they need to create a high-quality essay.