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U of Washington – W.S.A Practice Program [Foster School of Business]

  • 1-on-1 extensive private tutoring Package for the Writing Skills Assessment (WSA) at U of Washington
    • Preparation for Foster School of Business applicants
    • Persuasion Task Guidance through private tutoring
    • Position Task Guidance through private tutoring
  • Using the ‘WSA Practice Guide’ booklet provided by Envision High, the student will get a private WSA essay coaching/tutoring through Skype
  • Students will be given about 30 minutes of private tutoring for each essay.
    • Instead of ‘simple edits,’ the tutor will provide extensive help with correcting the student’s writing style, and thoroughly explain how the student should plan and organize each essay.
  • The WSA Practice Guide Booklet can be downloaded for free here.
  • Please note that this package does not include the ‘Admission Essay Consultation’ service.
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